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Lifebuoy believes that H should no longer be for ‘Hat’ or ‘Horse’ but for ‘Handwashing’

For Global Handwashing Day on Thursday 15 October, MullenLowe Group worked with Lifebuoy, the world’s number one hygiene soap brand, to demonstrate the brand’s commitment to hygiene education.

MullenLowe salt has worked with Lifebuoy for nearly 15 years, and in that time have seen their critical hand hygiene behaviour change programmes reach over a billion people worldwide.

On Global Handwashing Day, Lifebuoy announced the formation of its Hand Hygiene Coalition, which will see a growing number of organisations covering health and educational policy, civil society and academia collaborate to enable a generation of young people in the UK to wash their hands not only in the right way but at the right times.

MullenLowe salt and MullenLowe London helped Lifebuoy re-enter the UK market and launch the Partnership, at a time when simple, … Read more

When searching for cheap shares, I like to hunt for value in the FTSE 100. That’s because the UK market’s main index is fairly cheap by historic standards. This is partly due to fears over potential economic damage from Covid-19 lockdowns and a no-deal Brexit.

Cheap shares: the FTSE 100 is inexpensive today

One way to identify cheap shares is to examine their CAPE Ratio. This is similar to the familiar price-to-earnings ratio, but measures the 10-year average of inflation-adjusted earnings. This smooths out short-term market movements, making it easier to spot long-term valuation discrepancies.

As this user-friendly chart from Barclays shows, the UK stock market currently has a CAPE Ratio of 14.14, versus 32.07 for the US. In other words, investors are willing to pay 2.27 times as much per unit of US earnings as for one UK unit. For me, this indicates that the US market might be … Read more

Christmas will come early to New York this year. On Nov. 5, a pair of Miracle bars—the pop-up watering holes that scream “holidays” with twerking-Santa decor, elf-shaped mugs, and high-alcohol ‘Christmapolitans’—will open for business at two locations in the East Village and West Village. Nationally, Miracle bars and their Sippin’ Santa cousins will start selling their festive cocktails on Nov. 23.

The franchise started in the East Village in 2014 with Miracle on 9th Street and has since grown into an international behemoth. Last year, there were 107 Miracle outposts, and while the company is still finalizing the 2020 lineup, it expects around 100 participating locations across the country. 

Menus will feature new cocktails such as the Fruitcake Flip—brandy, Jamaican overproof rum, amaretto, and fruitcake—and the On Dasher, made from bourbon, mezcal, sweet vermouth, and spiced hibiscus. The signature “Christmapolitan,” a holiday-themed riff on the Cosmopolitan with cinnamon and spiced cranberry sauce, will be back as well. 

The … Read more

In the old days, the role of marketing within an organization was more straightforward. Its confines were clearer too, especially against a backdrop of B2B sales. Today, truly effective marketing needs to expand into previously-restricted departments such as sales, support, IT, and even finance. Marketing is no longer (just) about marketing.

Businesses continue to struggle to work out how and when to engage with customers in this new environment. Our personal, professional, and physical lives are overlapping in ways that no-one could have anticipated a few months ago. Companies, as well as entire industries, are having to transform their business models as we all come to grips with new commercial realities. Marketers and business owners are trying to define what the new path forward looks like.

Interestingly, by forcing all of us to re-evaluate customer acquisition processes within these newly-mandated confines has taken Marketing to a whole new level. A … Read more

Secret leads the charge for equality in Canada’s beloved sport with the largest corporate commitment ever made in North American professional women’s hockey history

Secret Deodorant believes equal sweat deserves an equal opportunity and is committing US$1m/£763k to the Professional Women’s Hockey Players Association (PWHPA), the largest corporate commitment ever made for professional women’s hockey in North America.

This funding is integral to ensuring the sport’s top players are given an opportunity to play and are given a spotlight to advocate for a new and equitable professional women’s hockey league.

“As a brand committed to empowering and emboldening women, we can’t stand by and see gender equality unravel. Secret proudly stands with the PWHPA and its players to fight for a new professional league to ensure all players – regardless of gender – are given the same chance and support to play,” says Secret Senior Brand Director Lisa Reid.

“Hockey … Read more