None of us know what the next 12 months have in store in terms of social distancing, mask-wearing, or vaccines. Regardless of that, whatever you previously thought marketing was must now change.

Thirteen years ago, when we launched our agency, part of my time was spent convincing business owners of the importance of a marketing plan. At the time, many of them remained unconvinced. It wasn’t because they didn’t recognize its importance. They had decided it didn’t apply to themselves or their business.

Today, implementing marketing efforts as a systematic part of doing business is still – unfortunately – a rarity for the majority of smaller businesses. Go back a few years and the situation was worse.

Back in the day, many organizations built their success from the efforts of what I’ll call ‘entrepreneurial’ personality types. These people were born salespeople, even though their title could have been Support Representative, … Read more

It’s now planning time for many corporations, but for those on a fiscal accounting cycle fairly than an annual calendar cycle, what I am about to speak to would possibly just have to attend a bit. Along with firm owned stores, Apple has set trade partners like Ingram Micro and Redington that are liable for the sales and distribution of the brands. These commerce partners will purchase in bulk from the brand after which distribute the product available in the market. Thus, apart from its personal retail shops, Apple is discovered present in different modern and premium retail stores. These shops are lined by its retail partners. Advertising automation is huge, and it is only getting better with new know-how and software program. At this time’s main advertising and marketing automation platforms can do wonders in your digital marketing strategy, making it simple so that you can automate actions resembling … Read more

Long before Covid-19, college students faced a myriad of challenges in maintaining mental wellness: increasing academic pressure, ballooning student debt and unrelenting pressure to succeed — half of all students report incapacitating levels of stress, while 33 percent don’t return for their sophomore year. Perhaps most eye-opening is that suicide has climbed to the second leading cause of death among college populations. Given those challenges, now on steroids thanks to Covid-19, Cactus — along with in-house tech startup, Grit Digital Health — have revised and added Covid-19 related content to their ground-breaking Nod app.

Created in partnership with client Hopelab, Nod is designed to help college students form and maintain meaningful social connections and combat loneliness on campus. Nod is available for free and can be downloaded in the Apple and Google Play stores. 

Joe Conrad, Cactus Founder and CEO, notes that when campuses began to close, it became … Read more

With the rapid growth of the gaming market across the world and the fast-growing number of people playing, IKEA is curious how home furnishing could improve gaming experience and life around it

IKEA teams up with Republic of Gamers (ROG) to develop a new range of affordable gaming furniture and accessories to bring the gaming experience at home to a new level. The range consisting of about 30 products will be launched first in China in February 2021, and from October 2021 it will be available in other IKEA markets.

Around one-fourth of the global population (2.5 billion) are gamers, yet the needs of gaming lovers in terms of home furnishing have been so far overlooked. With the rapid growth of the gaming market across the world and the fast-growing number of people playing, the brand is curious about how home furnishing could improve gaming experience and life around it. … Read more

How Madera Unified School District is Protecting its Community

To say back to school looks different this year would be an understatement. School and district leaders have been working tirelessly over the past few months to prepare for a safe school year. And Madera Unified School District — a California school district with over 20,000 students and 2,200 staff — is leading the way to protect and support its community while keeping learning front and center.

Guided by a powerful vision of setting the standard for hard work, creativity, and resiliency with a fearless drive to continuously improve, Madera Unified’s leadership team collaborated closely with local health officials to develop comprehensive back-to-school plans. Once they knew students would start the year with distance learning, they worked to bring teachers and staff back in person safely to conduct live, virtual lessons from their classrooms.

“A big sticking point for our leadership … Read more