On August 25th, nearly a month before the official first day of the new season, Starbucks declared it fall. 

It didn’t matter that it was still reaching record high temperatures; it didn’t matter that leaves wouldn’t start falling for weeks or even months; it didn’t matter that the corn mazes were still only knee high.  

All that mattered was that Starbucks fans wanted it to be fall. They desperately wanted an escape from the hellish summer than most of us have been experiencing.

So Starbucks crafted the perfect autumnal alternate universe, where you could wear a scarf and look at the leaves and drink a PSL without sweating through your facemask. 

And if you think that campaign was met with a raised eyebrow and a glance at the calendar, then you clearly underestimate the power of telling your customers the story they want to hear.

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Long before Covid-19, college students faced a myriad of challenges in maintaining mental wellness: increasing academic pressure, ballooning student debt and unrelenting pressure to succeed — half of all students report incapacitating levels of stress, while 33 percent don’t return for their sophomore year. Perhaps most eye-opening is that suicide has climbed to the second leading cause of death among college populations. Given those challenges, now on steroids thanks to Covid-19, Cactushttps://www.cactusinc.com/ — along with in-house tech startup, Grit Digital Health — have revised and added Covid-19 related content to their ground-breaking Nod app.

Created in partnership with client Hopelab, Nod is designed to help college students form and maintain meaningful social connections and combat loneliness on campus. Nod is available for free and can be downloaded in the Apple and Google Play stores. 

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Recently we read this article that breaks down the Google Ads strategy of Glossier, and to say we were blown away by the insights would be a bit of an understatement.

Author and Founder of Store Growers Dennis Moons uncovers their campaign structure and breaks down every type of ad the company is running on Google. In the end, he was able to determine that Glossier makes $156k/mo in gross profit! Sounds crazy, right?

Well, Moons’ in-depth analysis got me thinking about how we’ve never actually discussed on the DM blog how intertwined SEO and paid traffic truly are. So while Glossier’s strategy and profit from Google Ads is impressive, it’s just as impressive that almost their entire search strategy is built around branded keywords…

*Note: “Branded keywords” means that someone is already aware of the brand when searching on Google. For example, someone who types in “DigitalMarketer certification” … Read more

Working on productivity improvement is the focus for lots of businesses these days.

Now that most digital marketing teams are working from home (and many businesses intend to keep working this way), improving and tracking their remote teams’ productivity is crucial.

This is especially challenging for content marketing teams as they have to accomplish so many micro-tasks a day that it is next to impossible to coordinate.

Content marketing is incredibly multi-faceted which makes it incredibly hard to keep under control.

Source: inboundjunction.com

Things may get much worse, when your content marketing team members find themselves working from home, in isolation, trying to handle dozens of destructions.

How do you monitor and improve your content marketing team’s productivity?

Here are a few ideas:

Content Brainstorming

I personally find myself much less inspired when working from home because of all constant distractions. If you have kids and you try to write … Read more