In 2016, a Business Insider report on the use of emerging technologies in business showed that many business decision-makers would have chatbots in place by 2020.

800 business leaders responded to the survey – senior marketers, chief strategy officers, top sales executives, and chief marketing officers from Europe and Africa.

Some of the chatbot applications that these leaders were eyeing to implement included interactive software platforms common in email, apps, SMS, and live chat applications. 42% of the respondents said that they would also activate chatbot technology in marketing, sales, and customer service.

Have the business executives actualized their intention to have chatbots in their business marketing strategies by 2020?

Today, 67% of online visitors have had close interactions with a chatbot, and 58% of businesses working with chatbots are B2B. These intelligent automated helpers handle an enormous chunk of the 2 billion messages that run between businesses and their Read more

On August 25th, nearly a month before the official first day of the new season, Starbucks declared it fall. 

It didn’t matter that it was still reaching record high temperatures; it didn’t matter that leaves wouldn’t start falling for weeks or even months; it didn’t matter that the corn mazes were still only knee high.  

All that mattered was that Starbucks fans wanted it to be fall. They desperately wanted an escape from the hellish summer than most of us have been experiencing.

So Starbucks crafted the perfect autumnal alternate universe, where you could wear a scarf and look at the leaves and drink a PSL without sweating through your facemask. 

And if you think that campaign was met with a raised eyebrow and a glance at the calendar, then you clearly underestimate the power of telling your customers the story they want to hear.

See, good marketing sells the … Read more

A content management system (CMS) allows businesses to manage, maintain, and edit their webpages on a single platform without needing advanced technical expertise. Managing and updating websites almost daily is essential in the digital age we live in.

This is why having an intuitive CMS is crucial for businesses – they can easily update their website while keeping a consistent brand identity and maintaining consistent messaging.

Drupal and HubSpot CMS are two popular platforms that can help your business work more efficiently. If you need help figuring out which one to choose, follow our guide that outlines some of the key features and pros and cons of each CMS platform.

What Is Drupal?

Drupal is an open-source content management system that powers millions of websites and apps around the world. They help organizations and people build and maintain their websites with maximum flexibility for free.

Drupal is written in PHP … Read more

None of us know what the next 12 months have in store in terms of social distancing, mask-wearing, or vaccines. Regardless of that, whatever you previously thought marketing was must now change.

Thirteen years ago, when we launched our agency, part of my time was spent convincing business owners of the importance of a marketing plan. At the time, many of them remained unconvinced. It wasn’t because they didn’t recognize its importance. They had decided it didn’t apply to themselves or their business.

Today, implementing marketing efforts as a systematic part of doing business is still – unfortunately – a rarity for the majority of smaller businesses. Go back a few years and the situation was worse.

Back in the day, many organizations built their success from the efforts of what I’ll call ‘entrepreneurial’ personality types. These people were born salespeople, even though their title could have been Support Representative, … Read more

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Want to be a more agile marketer? Create more process.

While it may seem counterintuitive, process can increase your marketing agility. Like oil and water, process and agility are challenging to blend. Processes are firm, exacting and inflexible. Agility is fluid, iterative and flexible. But the two can be successfully combined.

Whether fulfilling a customer order, launching a campaign, or onboarding a new employee, process provides a necessary foundation for agility to thrive. The trick is building the right processes in the right way.

Process receives a bad rap, for good reason

A marketer’s eyes will glaze over at the mere utterance of process, governance and compliance. Many marketing professionals find processes punishing, restrictive and limiting to their creative freedom. And the research bears it out.

A 2019 global study of 5,000 employees conducted by OnePoll found that more than a third of a worker’s typical working … Read more