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My marketing journey was born out of SEO roots, where the priority of content promotion has always been high in order to create the kind of accountable marketing performance that matters. In contrast, I see a lot of brands putting the majority or all of their investment towards content creation without qualitative or quantitative effort towards the promotion of that content.

An imbalance of content creation and promotion is not only frustrating potential marketing performance, but it’s wasting the investment made in creating great content. What good is that great content if no one sees it?

Below are 10 content promotion tactics that have stood the test of time and go beyond email blasts, social ads and simple social sharing on brand channels. When promotion is included in the content planning and creation process, it becomes part of a content marketing system that drives the kind of relevant, useful and … Read more

The 2020 stock market crash is the best investment opportunity that British investors have had for 10 years. It’s a full six months since the initial shock and appetite for UK shares remains extremely weak. While the Dow Jones has erased all of its losses for 2020, the FTSE 100 remains more than 20% lower, below 6,000 points.

This means that many top-quality UK shares can be snapped up at rock-bottom prices. These are unnerving times for investors and another stock market crash can’t be ruled out as Covid-19 continues spreading. But our view here at The Motley Fool couldn’t be more clear. If you want to make great returns from your UK shares portfolio you should buy after market crashes.

Follow the ISA millionaires

Stock market crashes are brutal. Panicked people do desperate things and in the context of share investing, this means that brilliant blue-chips are sold along … Read more



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Break Free B2B with Sruthi Kumar

Marketers are in the business of attracting attention. All of our tactics, our strategies, our goals boil down to: Did we get someone’s attention and inspire them to take action?

The key to modern marketing is that we have to earn that attention. There will always be someone on who is louder, funnier, more talented, or just less shameless than your brand is willing to be. The only way to truly capture and sustain someone’s focus is to earn the right to their time. 

How do you earn attention? By providing remarkable experiences. By showing you care about your audience, you know who they are, and that your brand is here to help and to entertain them. 

For our latest Break Free video, we talked to a marketer who is helping marketers offer more memorable experiences. Sruthi Kumar is the Senior Marketing Manager at Sendoso, a platform that Read more