Investors are concerned another stock market crash is coming. The second wave of coronavirus infections is possibly on the way, and increased lockdown measures are being considered. This would very likely hurt the markets, and they’re getting jittery. The FTSE 100 and other major indexes have declined today, adding to the drops seen last week. 

But what should an investor do if worried about those fears of a bear market becoming a reality? In times like these, I like to take advice from investors who’ve seen it all before and have long track records of success.

Stock markets crash

Renowned investor Peter Lynch has accepted that dealing with bear markets is part and parcel of investing, and so should we. At some point, every investor will see the value of their portfolios dip. So, what’s an investor to do about this?

“You get recessions, you have stock market declines. If

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I think it’s relatively straightforward to build a passive income stream with just a small daily investment. Today, I’m going to explain how I plan to use this approach to cover some of my monthly spending needs. 

Building a passive income

The first step on a passive income journey is to build a savings pot. The size of savings required depends on your passive income target. Some investors will want to earn a lot of money every month. Others may have a more moderate target.

I’m targeting a monthly income stream of £500. This will cover the majority of my housing costs, which should help me save more in future. 

With a monthly target of £500, or £6,000 a year, I reckon a savings pot of at least £150,000 is needed to achieve this target.

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If you’re looking for the best UK shares to buy right now, here are three of my favourites. 

Best UK shares to buy

With so much uncertainty swirling around the UK and global economy, I think it may be best to focus on high-quality stocks with a worldwide presence and strong balance sheets. 

With that in mind, I think it could be worth taking a closer look at Fevertree Drinks (LSE: FEVR). This company has grown from a start-up into one of the UK’s most promising growth businesses over the past few years. 

It recently started expanding into America, after taking over the UK market. Lockdown has hurt the business, but like many consumer goods champions, Fevertree’s strong customer following should help the business pull through. 

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Horizons Virtual 2020 registration is now open! This annual international higher education event has gone virtual this year, which means that on 6 October at 10:30 a.m. BST, you can attend with a beverage in-hand while connecting and learning with a global audience.

Horizons has become a mainstay to gather thought leaders, experts, and technologists in the education sector, becoming one of the industry’s annual events in Europe. Thus, whether you’re a repeat attendee or new to the scene, we want you in the virtual room with us this year.

So with Horizons going virtual for 2020, what exactly can you expect? Here are the top three reasons to attend Horizons virtual:

  1. A phenomenal keynote session featuring a top European business school and their never-before-seen Education Cloud success story.
  2. Global perspectives! International is at the heart of our agenda for Horizons 2020. Hear from university leaders in the U.K., U.S.,
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Warren Buffett is a renowned American billionaire and one of the most successful investors in the world. He is often reffered to as ‘the Oracle of Omaha‘. He was the favourite student of Benjamin Graham, the father of value investing. In plain terms, Graham’s method involves spotting good, undervalued companies, buying them, and holding them forever.

What do I mean by ‘good‘ companies? Well, most importantly, they have to be profitable. This doesn’t just mean having high net profit margins. It also means a company should have a good track record of rising profits. Of course, this doesn’t guarantee the firm’s profitability will keep rising in the future. But at least it makes investing in such a company somewhat safer. Of course, dividend-paying companies have a big advantage over their peers that don’t pay dividends.

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