With November almost over, what a month it’s been for UK shareholders. News of Joe Biden’s US election victory gave cheap shares an early boost. Then news of three effective Covid-19 vaccines lit the fuse and shares skyrocketed like fireworks. So far in November, the FTSE 100 index has soared by 790 points since Halloween, up over 14% in four weeks in a record-breaking comeback. It’s a similar tale across the Atlantic, with the S&P 500, NASDAQ and Dow Jones Industrial Index all setting record highs in the past week.

The FTSE 100 has had a rough year

Although this month has seen a record-breaking rebound, the FTSE 100 has had a poor 2020. It’s down nearly 16%) this calendar year, even after November’s fireworks. With few big tech stocks and heavy weightings in banks, oil & gas, and miners, the Footsie has fallen out of favour among global … Read more

If I had £10k to invest today, I’d follow Warren Buffett’s advice when selecting investments. Over the past six decades, Warren Buffett has established himself as one of the world’s greatest investors. During this time he’s owned thousands of stocks, and earned tens of billions of dollars in profits for himself and his investors. 

The billionaire has also developed something of an investing framework. He always follows this framework when considering any new investments for his portfolio. 

Warren Buffett’s framework 

Buffett started developing his investment structure when he was at college. At the time, he followed the activities of Benjamin Graham, who was already an established investor. 

Graham believed that investors should view the shares they own as individual businesses. Stocks were pieces of real companies, he stated, not gambling chips in a casino. 

Warren Buffett has used this advice to guide his investing ever since. He only buys shares … Read more

FTSE 250 pharmaceuticals company Indivior (LSE: INDV) saw a dramatic 30% dip in share price today. This was triggered by news that FTSE 100 company Reckitt Benckiser had filed an over £1bn claim against it. RB was INDV’s parent company before INDV was de-merged in 2014. According to news reports, the claim is linked to this de-merger. 

While today’s fall has been quite sharp, the Indivior share price has fallen through much of this past week as well, albeit slowly. If the decline had remained muted, it would have been chalked up to market moods. But the claim has clearly added to INDV’s existing woes. 

Painful past issues 

The company, which manufactures drugs for treating opioid usage and mental illnesses like schizophrenia, saw its former CEO, Shaun Thaxter, imprisoned last month for six months. Indivior was charged by US courts of illegally increasing prescriptions for Suboxone Film, which is … Read more

What a week it’s been for fans of the world’s leading cryptocurrency, Bitcoin (BTC). Before today, the Bitcoin price was heading ‘to da moon’ (as Bitcoin fans say). On Tuesday, it rose roughly $1,000, climbing above $19,000. Yesterday saw more frenzied price action, as it  jumped again. It leapt to over $19,500, close to its all-time high just short of $20,000 seen in December 2017. However, the price nosedived today, dropping close to $16,300 in early-morning trading. As I write, BTC trades around $16,875, down roughly 13.5% from yesterday’s high. That’s still high, of course, but here’s why I’d rather keep buying cheap shares than trading Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is for speculators, not investors

As a former mathematician, my expertise in this field lies in cryptography (code-breaking) and not cryptocurrencies per se. Nevertheless, I well understand the crypto concept and that of a blockchain (or highly distributed ledger). However, ever … Read more

By: Devi Thomas and Jon Fee

In homes everywhere, this is the time of year where there are lists for Santa, packages to mail to family, and stockings to stuff. Black Friday is all about getting ready for the holidays by snatching amazing deals wherever we can find them. But what if that deal included a gift to communities in need? In a year like this one, that’s a new deal worth celebrating.

2020 has changed everything — the way we eat out, the way we gather, how we shop, and the way we celebrate the holidays. This Black Friday, a holiday unto itself, we have a chance to start a new tradition with our families: helping our communities thrive while we shop.

While “Buy-AND-Help-Others Friday” doesn’t have the same ring to it, we do have an opportunity as consumers to combine our usual shopping patterns with support for nonprofits. … Read more