It’s been a horrible year for the FTSE 100, down 22.5% in 2020. But some shares have fared much worse, such as International Consolidated Airlines Group (LSE: IAG). Indeed, the IAG share price is among the worst performers in the UK market.

The IAG share price is a roller-coaster

IAG is a world-leading airline operator and the owner of British Airways, Spanish airline Iberia and Irish carrier Aer Lingus. At the start of 2020, the IAG share price was riding high, peaking at 270.31p on 17 January.

Then news of a dangerous virus spreading sent airline shares sliding. During March’s market meltdown, IAG shares plunged to 78.55p on 19 March, down 70.9% from their 2020 high.

As the UK locked down to reduce the spread of Covid-19, IAG shares surged though. They climbed as high as 133.58p on 8 June (up 70% from their March low), before … Read more

Google will halt election advertising after the polls officially close for the U.S. presidential election, a move designed to limit false messages about the outcome of the contest.

The largest internet company said advertisers will not be able to run ads referencing candidates, the election or its outcome, according to an email viewed by Bloomberg News. The policy, which is designed to block all ads related to the election, also applies to YouTube, the biggest online video service.

Google also said advertisers should expect to wait at least two days for political ads to be approved in the lead up to the election. With its new policy, the company is treating the election as a “sensitive event,” such as natural disasters, where it prohibits ads that may capitalize on tragedies. Axios reported the change earlier.

“Given the likelihood of delayed election results this year, when polls close on November 3, we will … Read more

Forms are essential for businesses across all industries. Contact forms, email signups, and payment pages are all possible due to these handy little widgets that you can quickly and easily add to any page.

However, just because they are easy to add, that doesn’t mean that they will be effective. Designing a highly engaging, visible form is one of the biggest obstacles you’ll face when creating your website. It’s not easy to grow your business if sales and subscriptions are non-existent.

Despite this challenge, you can make changes to your existing forms or create a new one from scratch that gets a ton of conversions. We are going to show you how.

Let’s explore several tips and tricks you can use to skyrocket your form conversions for more sales, subscribers, and happy customers.

Remove Unnecessary Fields

Two of the most common reasons people abandon forms is that they are … Read more

NESCAFÉ’s “Make Your Moment Matter” campaign encourages people to celebrate life moments that we often take for granted and to take the time to enjoy them over a cup of coffee

Over the years, NESCAFÉ has played a key role in creating and enhancing coffee moments for people around the world. This is why NESCAFÉ has created a new brand platform, “Make Your Moment Matter”, to celebrate these life moments that we often take for granted and encourage people to take the time to enjoy them over a cup of coffee.

The new platform first launches in Europe falls under NESCAFÉ Gold, with a campaign idea focused on savouring the moments that matter. The brand stands for quality coffee and quality moments.

In our increasingly complex and busy lives, it’s the simple, everyday moments with the ones that matter that means the most and we should start savouring them with … Read more

By: Brian Komar, VP of Global Impact Engagement; Eric Barela, Director of Measurement & Evaluation; & Morgan Buras-Finlay, Measurement & Evaluation Senior Manager

Today, we’re excited to announce the Community Impact Report 2020. The report assesses the value we’re delivering to the social impact sector and breaks down our approach to impact.

The world looks pretty different from 12 months ago, when we released last year’s report. People all over the world are coping with the COVID-19 pandemic. At the same time, countries are fracturing along political lines, trust in institutions is eroding, and inequalities are exacerbating. Our customers in the nonprofit, education, and corporate philanthropy sectors are on the front lines of these crises and more.

At, we believe a way to shine a light through the darkness is to celebrate the successes of our amazing customers. We view our impact reporting as our main … Read more